Monday, May 20, 2013

Strawberry Picking

It had been 2 years since we went strawberry picking last! Meredith was (I think) a month old and Russell was just shy of 2 years old the last time we went. What a different experience!

We went at 9 am on Friday, which proved to be a good call because this pregnant lady could not even handle the sun come 10:30! We picked the strawberries first before moving on to other activities. I think Russell was game for helping me put them in the bucket, but when he noticed that Meredith was just eating them, he followed!


There were so many ripe, juicy strawberries this year – a great selection!


It’s a working farm, so we got to pet and feed the goats after picking strawberries. I am positive this was the kids’ favorite part – they loved the goats! They kept telling them, “oh, you’re such a nice goat” and they were very gentle when petting them.


Next (after washing hands!) we got some homemade strawberry ice cream – mmmmm:


What a nice way to spend the morning, and it led to great afternoon naps. Perfect!

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