Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kid Quotables

Quotes from our kids and random phone pictures:

Meredith (coming up to me with a book): Snuggle up, Mommy!


Meredith: fussing and crying in her carseat. 

Me: What’s wrong? 

Meredith (stops crying; totally normal voice): Hi, Mommy.  Why’s Meredith crying?


Russell (upon hearing a baby cry): Mom, that baby is crying.  What’s crying start with?  /k/ /k/, Oh, crying starts with K!  (That was a really good try and I hated to tell him it was actually a C!)


Russell often says: When baby Emily comes…(he has decided #3 is a girl and her name is Emily (which is not a possibility)!  Good thing we find out on Tuesday!)


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