Thursday, February 14, 2013

Baby #3

The ultrasound was on Tuesday, and the picture below is how we announced baby’s gender!


That’s right – another sweet girl!  Russell was right!  As I had told a few friends, I also had a suspicion it was a girl. I guess we need to go in the attic and see what girl clothes we have and what we need – we borrowed some of the clothes Meredith wore and have since returned them to their owners.  Also, we are about 95% sure on baby girl’s first name.  Definitely no middle name yet.

It was so sweet to see her.  She was squirming all over the place.  The ultrasound tech had no trouble seeing everything she needed to see.  She is perfectly healthy.  She also told us that baby weighs 8 oz right now (at least, that’s what she’s measuring – we all know how (in)accurate those measurements can be!)


We got a 3D photo of her sucking her thumb Smile  She may be a finger or thumb-sucker like her big sis.


Belly at 18 1/2 weeks – geez:


New pregnancy news: I’m currently pretty hungry Smile which is good since I just got back up to my pre-pregnancy weight.  Started feeling movements around 14 weeks very sporadically, and now feel a couple kicks every day.  Otherwise, I’m just enjoying not feeling sick and not feeling too huge – the best part of pregnancy: the second trimester!

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