Monday, November 21, 2011

I’m sorry, Fuzzy

Each of our children has a lovey.  And each of them is very attached to their own lovey (and actually, they are both quite fond of each other’s lovey, too).  As I’ve mentioned, Russell’s lovey is named Fuzzy and Meredith’s is named Kitty. 

Fuzzy is well-loved.  He has slept with Russell for every nap and every night since he was 5 months old. 

(Russell and Fuzzy in January 2010)


Fuzzy had to have an emergency arm amputation 4 or so months ago.  Russell used to chew on Fuzzy’s arms.  Inside each arm is a little bag of white plastic beads.  Russell had chewed a hole in one of Fuzzy’s hands, and chewed another hole in the bag, so the little white beads ended up in Russell’s mouth – not safe!  As I have somehow lost my sewing kit and time was of the essence (I couldn’t have Russell still chewing on those beads, but I couldn’t really stop him without taking away Fuzzy), I had to cut Fuzzy’s arm off.

(Russell and Fuzzy in June 2010 – better days, with 2 arms)

russ sleep june

I explained to Russell what I was going to do.  He was very calm about the whole thing, watched me do it, took Fuzzy’s arm to the trashcan and waved bye-bye.  No problems.

Fast-forward 3 months.  We are all in the car driving and Fuzzy is there.  Russell is talking in the backseat as he often does.  All of a sudden, out of nowhere, Russell says, “I’m sorry, Fuzzy.  Took your arm off.  Fuzzy have too many arms.”

Well, I never did explain why Fuzzy’s arm had to come off.  Apparently he thought I had to take an arm off because Fuzzy just had too many!

(Russell, Meredith and Fuzzy: Sept 2011)


We still love Fuzzy, even with one less arm!  However, I am contemplating finding a “back up!”

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