Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Big Kids Now

Our little ones are growing, learning, and changing so much! 

We have done a couple of family devotionals.  Russell seems to really like them, and seems to be learning.  I know there’s only so much a two-year-old can grasp, so really, we’re just setting a foundational routine in place.  But he does say the Bible verses occasionally of his own initiation, so that’s something.

Last week, our devotion was about King David, so we made a crown.  We painted a paper plate yellow, let it dry, decorated with “jewels”:


and then cut out the points:


This week, our devotion was on the fruits of the Spirit.  We talked about being nice instead of mean, loving instead of hateful, etc, and then put fruit stickers on a person’s heart.  I wrote a fruit of the Spirit on each fruit sticker.


As for the “growing and changing” part – look at these two big kids!  Meredith is sitting in the high chair/booster seat to eat now (after a falling-out-of-the-Bumbo-almost-Mommy-heart-attack incident) and Russell had been asking to sit in a big chair, so:


And now Meredith is sitting straight up in the stroller, so Russell is on the jump seat (I think that’s what it’s called)!


And just because she’s so cute – look at this sweet girl Smile


Now if they could just get well…we are currently working on cold, ear infection, thrush (Meredith) and cold (Russell) and a missed trip to visit family because of it.  I know in my heart that I should just be grateful that none of those are anything serious – and I truly am.  What a blessing these two children (and their (relative) health) are to us!

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