Thursday, March 25, 2010

9 months old!

Russell is 9 months old today!

9 mo 1


Okay, I know this last picture is a bit goofy - but he was so happy! (I was snapping my fingers at him - he loves that.) Besides, you can really see his teeth.


What has "that crazy rascal" (as Jason says) been up to?

~He likes to roll a ball back and forth with Jason and me
~Is working on figuring out the sippy cup - he got it in his mouth a couple times yesterday, and was sucking from it, but didn't tip his head back so nothing actually came out :)
~Favorite books are those with real babies in them - he grins as soon as he sees them
~Also loves to turn the pages of books; he will sit and turn them back and forth continuously
~Nope, not crawling yet - but he sure is fast at scooting backward - maybe that will be his mode of transportation for a while

His 9 month check up is on April 1; thankfully, no shots this time! I will write about his weight and height afterward.

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