Monday, March 1, 2010

3, 2, 1

Our condo had 3 showings last week! And there's one on the books for Wednesday! Hooray! Jason is eager for a shorter commute (right now it's 30 minutes each way) and Russell and I are ready for a shorter drive to church and friends' houses! We are praying that someone buys this place soon, but if not, we're prepared to wait it out.

2 of Russell's teeth have popped up! The first one, the right-front-bottom tooth, poked through at 8 months and 1 day old, and the second showed up 3 days later (today). Thank goodness! He was so cranky, and we did everything: extra cuddling, teething biscuits, teething rings, cold washcloths, motrin at night, etc. He is finally snapping out of the fussiness. We're glad he's feeling better!

Over 1 month later, and we still don't have a working oven :( We have been busy/sick/teething, so it has been on the back burner (I'm so punny). Hopefully that will be fixed soonish.

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  1. I am glad your condo is showing!! I can't imagine not having an oven... how are you surviving?