Sunday, January 31, 2010

Marshmallow World

Y'all know that the world shuts down when it snows in the South - even more so when we get a half a foot, as happened Friday night.

Sometimes I believe that snow in the South is God's invitation to slow down and relax; after all, you can't really do anything else!

So what did we do?

Russell and I mostly camped out in the cozy warmth of our house:

jan jen russ

while Jason generously shoveled not only our sidewalk, but the neighbors' as well:


And what's a snow day if you don't, um, grill steak?


But obviously, you must end it with some homemade snow creme and a movie:


(although I don't recommend the movie we watched - District 9 - blech.)

Hope you had a great snow day yourself - and if you didn't get snow, then hopefully it was just a great Saturday! We will be holed in here for a while, it looks like.

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  1. I watched that a couple of weeks ago and totally agree with your reaction! Glad you enjoyed your snow day!