Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In No Hurry

I had my weekly doctor's appointment today, and it looks like Russell is not in a rush to come out. There hasn't been much progress. The doctor said I could still have a few more weeks. So if you live around here and need some company during the day, let me know! I purposefully didn't make plans for the next few weeks (wishful thinking that he would be here early), and I don't want to sit around the house all day :)

Also, I've gone back to being 3 cm. too small, so the doctor scheduled another ultrasound. She said that the small measurement could be because he's dropped some, but she wants to rule out the possibility of low fluid. I guess this is the next-best thing to seeing this little boy face-to-face!


  1. It's down to the end! Enjoy this time though :) It's the last of the independence and silence you are going to get for a LONG time!

    P.S. I was 4 days late. It's not horrible, but I also worked until I was 2 days late to keep myself occupied. You still have some time before you have to worry about being late :)

  2. I was 4 days early... I hope this for you too! :)