Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hello, sparkly new fridge!

We are stepping into the new millenium! Jason and I bought a new (to us) fridge from CraigsList. It's only 10 months old and best of all, it has an icemaker! You don't know how annoying it is to use ice trays until you have to do it for 4 years.

Our old fridge wasn't broken, but we knew it was old and wouldn't last much longer. We didn't know just how old it was until we pulled it out from the wall last night and I found a little sticker that said 1979 on it!
Here's my handyman, pointing out the sticker - he and this fridge are the same age!

Old fridge vs new fridge - can you tell which is which? :)

Old fridge, you held food and memories for many families...

...but new fridge looks sparkly, bright, clean and lovely in its new home :)

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