Thursday, May 18, 2017

Last Day of School and CC Field Trips

We have FINISHED our school year! Wahoo! Don't these rising 2nd, 1st graders, Pre-K-er, and preschooler look excited?!

We have done our 180 days of school, and I have the attendance charts to prove it! But...we're not totally done with school. We aren't going to take a break from math, or writing, and they're going to continue reading aloud to me and doing silent reading (although no formal reading lessons). We'll start our official new school year in July.

I am proud of them. They have all worked hard. Russell has some weak spots in math and writing, but those have never been his strong suits. His reading level and history and science knowledge are off the charts. Meredith is about 1/3 of the way through with first grade already in all subjects. Paige has met all of the goals I set for her - name writing, recognizes all letters and numbers to 20, beginning phonics. Daphne is speaking in 2-3 word phrases.

We're also not taking a break from CC field trips! As I've said, I love how active our CC group is. Even with CC being over for a month, there have been field trips every week. There were 3 this week alone!

Last week, we all went to an old historic farm that's now owned by the state and operates tours. The tour guide was wonderful, and the kids enjoyed all of it. Even Daphne enjoyed most of it and sat with the big kids for certain parts.

Learning about the cotton crop (perfect since they studied Eli Whitney and the cotton gin this year):

Learning about the kitchen - salted meat, churning butter - also perfect since we read Little House in the Big Woods recently:

Doing farm chores:

The best part - the goats!

This week, we got to see a beautiful performance. One of our CC moms plays with the symphony, so we got to see an open dress rehearsal of the NC symphony with a grammy-winning violinist! 

Daphne did not attend this one. Actually, this one made me realize how much character training we need to do (re: sitting still and using very soft whispers) - I knew this was needed but was reminded again! Still a great performance that I'm glad we went to.

We're ready to enjoy our summer - field trips, math, reading, writing, pool, summer movies, and all the rest!

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