Sunday, April 16, 2017

Meredith's 6th birthday!

Meredith had 2 birthday celebrations!

First, it was her year to have a party with friends. She chose a Beanie Boo adoption party - she LOVES Beanie Boos. And she now has a menagerie of them. She also LOVES her friends! She ended up inviting 7 friends, plus 2 cousins, and of course her sisters and brother, so we had a full house and she had a blast! Each child adopted a new Beanie Boo, filled out an adoption certificate, took it to the vet station for a check-up, and made a collar for it. And of course, there were snacks and CAKE!

On her actual birthday, we had a second (low-key) celebration. We visited Jon and Meghan at their new house, played a bunch outside (it was gorgeous), had a cook out for dinner, and ate Peeps cupcakes!

Happy sixth birthday. precious girl!

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