Thursday, January 21, 2016

4 months old {waaay late!}

Well, now that Daphne will be 5 months old in 4 days, it's the perfect time for...her 4 month old post? Oh well, better late than never!

Daphne turned 4 months old on Christmas day in NC. And a few days after that, we came home and sleep trained her (Ferber method)! This was months in the making. There was no point in sleep training her while we were traveling - she was never sleeping in the same place, since we were visiting friends and family - but boy, were we tired!

(These photos were taken about a week after she turned 4 months)

Now, she is what I would call semi-sleep trained. I wasn't as strict with her, therefore, she is not as good a sleeper as the others were as infants. Mainly, I'm letting her keep her paci, when I took it away from the others as babies. This means when the paci falls out (and she realizes it) she cries and needs help going back to sleep.

Is this better than what I did with the other girls - which was to take away the paci and then they started sucking their thumb (Paige) or fingers (Mer)? Well, it definitely means less sleep for me now as I get up to put her paci back in, but I'm hoping it will be easier in the long run, when I can just take away her paci instead of whatever we'll have to do with the other girls to stop the finger/thumb sucking.

Other Daphne news:
Weight: 16 lbs 2 oz (82nd percentile!! This has never happened with my babies while nursing)
Height:24.5 in (39th percentile - again different; all my babes have been long)
Head circ: 40.8 cm (28th percentile)

Now refuses to take a bottle :(
LOVES to cuddle, be held, be worn in a carrier

Daphne can roll both front to back and back to front - but doesn't do either very often
She smiles, laughs, and babbles
Her brother and sisters still want to carry, cuddle, and talk to her all the time

Daphne, you are one sweet girl!

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