Saturday, November 28, 2015

Christmas {Lights} in Dixie

The Christmas decorations in my parents' town square were lighted and sparkly this warm (60 degree) evening! It was the perfect little outing for the kids. 

(Jason and Daphne stayed back since D was supposed to be sleeping - it didn't turn out that way, but that's babies for you)

We sat in "Santa's" sleigh!

Meredith and Russell both wanted pictures next to the trees that were about their height :)

I asked Paige to smile - she said "I can't!" By the way, that was a Christmas tree cheese spreader she carried with her all night :)

The kids said the Nativity was their favorite part. Russell was a sheep, Mer was Mary, and Paige wanted to ride on the "donkey" (she settled for standing in front).

Afterward, we walked to a candy shop for jelly beans (the girls' choice). Fun evening!

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