Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Paige is 2!

Well, this is a little bit of a late post, but better late than never!

Paige turned 2 on July 18!

Because we are a "big" (I guess) family, we've decided that only 2 kids per year get a birthday party. Next year will be Paige's year :) She definitely didn't mind! She loved all the attention, the singing, the presents, and the cupcakes!

She didn't quite know what to do with the candles - she had to have Jason help her blow them out!

Paige walked around all day singing "happy birthday" - at first to everyone, then just to herself :) We went to a church picnic in the afternoon, which was a nice (HOT) way to spend the day. 

Here's Paige's 2 year old photo that I took at the end of June:

Goodness gracious, she's so adorable!

All About Paige at 2:
Favorite Drink: juice
Favorite Food: bananas
Favorite Book: it changes daily
Favorite TV Show: Strawberry Shortcake
Most-Used Phrase: "No, I don't want to" (well, she is two, after all)
Favorite Playtime Activity: Paige loves baby dolls, MegaBlocks and Duplos, and following the big kids around :)
Favorite Outdoor Play: swinging, and riding around on her 3-wheeled scooter

Height: 34.8 in tall (75th percentile)
Weight: 29 lbs 2 oz (78th percentile)

Paige counts to 20; speaks in full sentences (and has since maybe 20 months old); is sociable and easily adjusts to new people and places. She loves to cuddle, read, and sing. She is such a fun, sweet, blessed part of our family!

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