Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Paige at 17 months

Time is going so fast, and I don't want to forget the little, sweet things our littlest, sweet girl is saying and doing!

Paige still has her happy disposition. She is really into Thomas the train (she calls him "Tawesome") and Elmo ("eh-MO!") these days. The girl could sit and read for hours; although, of course, she loves to run around too!

Paige's vocabulary is truly exploding - she will copy everything anyone says. She's very polite, saying "scuse me" after she burps and "bless you" when anyone sneezes. In the past week, she started saying I love you ("Uv Oo.")

Paige is quite LOUD like her big brother - poor Meredith can barely get a word in ;) If you don't acknowledge what Paige is saying right away, she'll repeat it louder and louder until you answer her! (Yes, we are working on this!)

Paige is enjoying the Christmas season, pointing out "tree" anywhere we go, and she does try to be gentle when touching ornaments, but she's just so curious! :) She also loves snowmen, and says "noMAN" whenever she sees one.

Paige is such a busy toddler! I turned around a couple weeks ago after teaching Russell how to do a math worksheet, and found that she had discovered the butter Jason had left on the counter, pulled the stepstool over, and was biting the butter stick; I had only taken my eyes off of her for 5 minutes! Sheesh!

But of course, I had to snap a picture - thankfully, I had my camera on the counter :)

One of Paigey's favorite words to say is "awesome" - and that's just what you are, sweet girl!

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