Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Russell’s Five-Year Update

5 years old. Russell, you are at a funny, fun age. You are proud to get your own snacks and pour drinks for yourself and Meredith. You are sure you’re going to marry your friend Caroline W. when you grow up, because she likes cars too and that’s obviously a top priority. You make up jokes that are not funny, but they make you laugh, and that makes us all laugh. You never have any qualms about being yourself; you are not reserved, nor do you worry what others think in the least, and I hope that’s always true for you.


At your 5-year appointment (today – a bit late), you weighed 44 lbs (70th percentile) and were 43 in tall (50th percentile). We’ve always said you’re “solid.” You also got 4 shots today, and the anticipation made you upset, but you calmed right down after the first one when you realized how little it actually hurt.


Your favorite:

Movie: Planes

Food: mac and cheese (gluten free), anything sweet

Toys: planes, cars, Legos

Thing to pretend play: army/navy

Books: anything by Richard Scarry; Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel

Sports teams: the Wolfpack; the Chicago Blackhawks

Game: Paw Patrol (a game based on a cartoon)

Russell, we love your zest for life. You are perfectly formed and made by the Creator of all things, and we love seeing you grow into the person He’s made you to be.

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