Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Paige’s Newborn Photos

It’s good to trade! A photographer friend of mine traded services with me: I photographed her family, and she photographed our family and Paige’s newborn shots. I’m so glad I decided to do it this way. It was really difficult for me to do Meredith’s newborn photos, and this was much less stressful! I was especially grateful because although Paige is a great baby, she was not easy on this day from a photographer’s standpoint! She did not want to sleep, and she was very particular about her positioning. (Not that you can tell from these sweet pictures!)

These were taken at 10 days old. (I haven’t posted them yet because I wanted to make sure all the birth announcements had been sent.)

0728-093753 my edit

0728-110743 my edit

0728-111118 my edit

0728-113024 my edit

0728-113404 my edit

0728-113635 my edit

0728-100805 my edit (1)

0728-101200 my edit

0728-101658 my edit

0728-103654 my edit

Photo credit: Jessica Lysse - my sweet friend, Bible study and church member, and old sorority sister!

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