Monday, August 20, 2012


So, my illness that started while the kids were at their grandparents’ house has been officially diagnosed: mono.  Ugh.  I am achy, tired, weak, have headaches and fevers that come and go…and I’m still taking care of 2 little ones.  For those who aren’t familiar (I wasn’t), mono can last weeks or months.  It’s not too contagious with regular hand-washing.  From my standpoint, I’d liken it to feeling like you have the flu but without the nausea.

Yet, we are blessed.  Jason and the kids don’t have it.  Some amazing friends brought us dinner on Saturday – it about made me cry, the sweetness of the gesture! - and more have offered.  We have wonderful family who are willing to help. 

I’m reading the Duggars’ second book right now.  A quote from Michelle seems totally applicable: “Instead of focusing on the difficulties that sometimes happen and wondering why they’ve happened, we try to maintain a positive focus and a curious attitude, watching eagerly for the miraculous way God is going to use each temporary setback to do something wonderful.”


  1. Oh no... praying for you right now. Jesus, bring quick healing to Jennifer's body...and reveal your heart to her in miraculous ways in this season.

  2. Hate to hear you have mono! Hope it resolves quickly! Love the quote!