Sunday, April 25, 2010

10 months old!

Double digits! :)





I'm looking at these photos, and ohmygosh it's true - he really is looking like a little boy. It's only from the inside that you realize how fast they grow...

Anyway, Russell isn't doing new things so much as reacting in new ways lately; here are some things that make him Russell:

~When someone he doesn't recognize speaks to him (if I'm holding him), he gives a shy little smile and then ducks his head toward my shoulder.
~If you place him on a bed, he immediately starts laughing and kicking and rolling (this is because Jason always roughhouses with him on our bed).
~He loves to play "pass the baby:" he will reach out his arms to be held by me, then when I have him, he will reach back to Jason, and so on. It's like he loves us both so much that he can't decide :)
~He will eat absolutely anything you put in front of him (food or otherwise) - we have given him olives, asparagus, baked beans - the only food he dislikes now is potatoes. (Who doesn't like potatoes?!)
~He will only sleep in his crib or on long trips in his carseat - we are always home at nap time or there are embarrassing meltdowns.

We are ready for month 10 - hopefully it will bring some crawling with it (I know, you're saying I'll eat my words :)).