Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Don't worry, I won't go into details about why I want to make prune baby food (you can thank me later, as will Russell, when he's old enough to be embarrassed by this.) But I was seriously considering doing it...until the following questions were brought up in conversation with Leigh Anne today:

~Why make prune baby food? Why not use plums? What's the difference? (this is a serious question - anyone? bueller?)

I've looked up how to make prune baby food, and to do so, it seems one must rehydrate the prunes using boiling water. So, I have to buy prunes, which are dried plums, and turn them into un-dry plums again? Crazy much?

(actual baby food label - why "dried prunes?" Isn't that redundant?)

Leigh Anne then brought up this point: I could mix prune juice with other fruits Russell already eats, instead of going through the trouble of making the food! Brilliant!

Which begs the question:
~Prune juice? What is that, even? Prunes are dry! Is it really plum juice? Why don't they call it plum juice?

I'm sure you're glad to know that we're pondering the mysteries of the universe here ;) But truly, feel free to enlighten me!

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