Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hitting the Beach!

Jason and I love the beach, so we were so glad to take our first trip of the summer with several close friends! Russell was in good company - Parker was there with his parents Chad and Devon; Isaac with his parents Ryan and Amy; and Caleb (in utero ;)) with his parents-to-be Josh and Leigh Anne.

Russell didn't really see much of the beach, but he was definitely relaxed!

This is as close as he got to the ocean...

All the girls on the beach:

Different couples were in charge of dinner each night, and afterwards we all hung out in our house. Here are Chad and Amy inspecting the mahi-mahi on Saturday night:

And LA and Devon entertaining Parker:

Russell and I got some good pictures too (I have been told there are not enough of me on this blog ;)).

Yes, we have matching PJs :) This may embarrass him at some point:

Playing around:

And one final pic - as Jason said, of Ma and Pa R. in the rocking chairs with our little boy:
The weather was lovely (except for one rainy afternoon) and the company was even better - we laughed until we cried. Can't wait to do it again next year...except in a different house...maybe minus a couple roaches and plus a better cleaning job :)


  1. love the matching pj's! And that was some good mahi-mahi! and can I get the recipe for the potatoe salad you made Jenn? yummy

  2. Hey Jennifer,
    Glad you liked the cookies- I don't feel as guilty eating 2 or 3 when I know they're low fat. :)
    Looks like the beach was fun! Can't believe it's almost Fall!