Monday, May 11, 2009

All About Pregnancy

A Pregnancy Survey:

--When did you find out you were pregnant? October 10 around 5 am (I couldn't sleep!); just 5 days before our 3-year anniversary
--What was your first reaction? I had to stare at the test for about 5 minutes - I kept waiting for the "not" to show up in front of "pregnant" :)
--How far along are you? 34 weeks
--What was your first symptom? cramping
--What is your due date? 6/17/09 - right around the corner!
--Boy/girl? sweet baby boy
--Name? Russell Micah
--How much weight have you gained? As of Tuesday, 21 pounds
--Do you have any cravings? milkshakes and smoothies
--Do you have morning sickness? not anymore, thank goodness!
--Do you have stretch marks? no - thanks Mom for the good genes!
--Natural or medicated birth? we're going to try for natural but I'm open to an epidural if I decide I can't take the pain anymore
--Feelings about labor? I'm really not scared, just excited!

Okay, the rest of you mommies-to-be: I want to see your answers! :)

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  1. Love the "waiting for the NOT to show up".. HA HA!